How to Find Happiness Amidst Uncertainty

Today’s post is about getting into a mentally happy place. With the current events, almost every place one turns is doom, gloom, and uncertainty. Reports highlight and focus on the negative without a glimmer of positivity. For many that has led to fear, panic, anxiety, and hopelessness. People feel powerless, helpless and trapped. Psychologically, this can be devastating and crippling. Life as modern society knows it is changing, but then again, life has always evolved. Perhaps the evolution hasn’t been this sudden or drastic, but it has been happening.

Some people are confused as to why this is happening. Others are convinced it’s the beginnings Armageddon. Yet, others are angry this is happening and lashing out at others to blame as to why their lives have been disrupted. No matter what one believes or hypothesizes, it is important to endure to whatever end lies ahead. How one makes the journey will be the difference. Responsible people who seek to educate themselves can’t due to the abundance of conflicting and misinformation.

Here are some ways to get into a happy headspace.

  1. Remain calm. No matter what the situation level heads prevail. Panic leads to chaos. Calmness leads to resolution. Remaining calm allows one to develop plans and to strategize. Of course, with things being uncertain, planning is difficult. However, emitting negative energy to blame others will only bring you down more. Instead, use that energy to concentrate on self. But that’s okay. It never hurts to try, and it makes one feels that he/she is at least doing something.
  2. Focus on what bring you joy. Now is an excellent time for self-scrutiny and re-evaluating what is important in life. Do you have goals you’ve been putting off?
  3. Read a book. There is no better escape than drifting into the land of fiction. The best part is one can choose his/her destination. Do you want a bit of love or romance? Want to take a step back into history? Or maybe jetting off to the future is more your bag? How about an adventure or testing your aptitude for sleuthing? Readers get to decide when, where, and how often they escape.
  4. Listen to music. This is along the same lines as reading a book. Music can be very relaxing and transport you to a very happy place. Just be sure to listen to uplifting music.
  5. Find everyday positives. These could be things such as spending more time with family or saving money by staying in instead of going out. Start the morning by saying something good about yourself. Then, recall something positive in your life. Finally, identify something positive that has happened that day. Do this daily.
  6. Maintain a positive outlook for the future. Societies have gone through rough times before. When Hurricane Katrina roared through, it was terrifying. Howling wind. Pounding rain. Sitting in blackness listening to tornado sirens. Neighborhoods flooded. What lasted for hours felt like days. When the rain stopped and it was semi-safe (live power lines were down everywhere not to mention hazardous debris such as insulation from torn apart houses and backed up sewage) to venture out, the sight was scary. Destruction was massive. Both a loss of life and property. But people came together to help and rebuild. What many people overlook is that the effects of Katrina lasted for months. Not only where there supply shortages of gas and living essentials in groceries, but people also didn’t have running water or telephone service. Now, I know some may be thinking telephone service is superficial, but consider that some people were burning candles or running generators that caught fire. There was no way to call for help. The heat was in the nineties, and there was no electricity. Persons homebound with oxygen tanks were at risk of running out. Down trees and power lines blocked emergency personnel from responding. And bugs. It was like a plague of lovebugs. One could barely dive three hundred feet without having to stop to clean the windshield. And the mosquitos nearly ate people alive. Snakes were everywhere. Those were rough times, but people made it through.
  7. Recognize that the blame game does not change results. Fighting about who is responsible for what at this point in time does not create solutions and only serve as distractions. There will be plenty of time for finger-pointing once the crisis is over. However, pool your resources and positive energy into finding creative ways and solutions to things that you find distressing.
  8. Know you’re not alone. Others are feeling the same emotions as you are. At this time, you may not be able to gather to meet in groups to discuss what you’re feeling, but you may be able to video chat or speak on the phone with a professional or someone who is experiencing the same feelings.
  9. Accept that your emotions are valid. You have a right to feel the way you feel. You should not be ashamed of feeling the way that you do, either. Ignoring negative feelings may add more strength to them and caused them to remain longer.
  10. You may not be able to control everything but focus on and control the things that you can.
  11. Practice meditation or praying. This may not be something that everyone is interested in doing. However, people who are religious or spiritual may find this very calming and beneficial.
  12. Recognize that often there are no quick fixes. Things take time to heal, repair, and return to normal. Finding happiness is a process that one must take a step at a time.
  13. Participate in a hobby that will block negative thoughts. I was listening to a friend exercising along with a video. The instructor on the video said to “feel the burn.” The friend laughed and said if she was “burning” she didn’t have space in her head to think about anything else. “It’s cleansing.”
  14. Social media and the news can be toxic. If those are things that are stressors to you, flip the switch. Either avoid them or view them in short segments. It’s the Debbie Downer rule. Did you ever have that one friend who was a perpetual pessimist? Like a Harry Potter Dementor, he/she would suck ever teaspoon of happiness out of you within a few seconds no matter how good of a mood you’d been in previously? Avoid any person or situation like that at all costs.

Do you have any secrets or tips for finding a happy place? If so, share them here. And feel free to discuss how you’re feeling in the comments. The bayou is a community of supporters.

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Until next time, happy reading and much romance. Keep safe.

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