The Pirates Are Here

Happy Sunday!

Today’s a very special day. On February 7, 2018, Pirates: Boys Behaving Badly Anthology #3 was released. I was fortunate enough to have my short story, “Cargo” featured in it. “Cargo” is a story about modern day, environmentalist pirates. Jasper is the sexy captain of the Fauna, which he sails with Ian, his brother and head engineer, and Gage, his cousin and navigator, along with the rest of his crew. The trio have been pirating the seas since their teens.

They are the commissioned Robin Hoods of the seas who rob the rich and well, keep it for themselves. But their intentions to do good is there. (What’s that saying about the pavement on the road to hell?) They attack only ships known to be harming or upsetting marine life. Their latest hire is to relieve the Sea Lily of her cargo. However, their latest commission takes them in an unexpected direction.

“Cargo” is just one of eighteen fabulous stories in Pirates: Boys Behaving Badly Anthology #3, and today’s post comes as part of a Blog Tour. This steamy anthology will burn your hands and is sure to keep you warm at night.

I decided to write this story because I wanted to stretch my writing wings and explore. But I also wanted something a bit different from a traditional pirate story.

Five Fun Pirate Facts

  1. Most people are familiar with pirate ships flying a skull and crossbones flag. Many people may not know that this flag has a name: Jolly Roger. Some say the name comes from a mistranslation from the French term “joli rouge”, which means pretty read. During war, ships that would not be merciful and kill all captives flew a red flag or the joli rouge.
  2. In the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Captain Jack Sparrow loved his rum. This wasn’t too far from history. Grog was one of the preferred drinks of pirates. It consisted of water, lemon juice, sugar, and yes … rum.
  3. The black eye patches weren’t always due to having a missing eye. Some theories believed that pirates wore such patches to help focus when looking through the nautical handheld telescope (also called a spyglass) or to keep his vision adjusted to the darkness below deck.
  4. Pirates wore gold earrings to improve their vision, grant them good health, and ward off evil spirits. In today’s society, that seems farfetched. However, centuries ago, many pirates believed that piercing the skin with precious metals would bring them good fortune or health.
  5. Many people have heard the phrase of running like their hair was on fire. Not many people would actually take a lighter to their hair, but Blackbeard did. Well, not the hair on his head, but his beard. Often before taking a ship, he would weave hemp through his beard and set it ablaze. He’d also dress in solid black. Can you imagine the sight he must have been? Most thought he was the devil and surrendered right away.

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Table of Contents

The Treasure of Devil’s Crag by Lisa FoxTwo rival pirate captains…one treasure…the competition isn’t the only thing that heats up between them

Rough Seas by Alicia Aringdale A British commander finds himself at the mercy of a roguish pirate who asks him for the one thing he shouldn’t give—his heart

Captive Desire by January GeorgeA modern-day pirate boards a yacht seeking revenge and captures a runaway bride who tempts him in ways he’s never experienced

Stealing the Crimson Witch by Downey GreeneCrash landing on an 18th-century pirate ship, a 21st-century thief experiences déjà vu as he steals the greatest treasure of all—the pirate queen

The Corsair’s Tempest by C. Marie BowenA French corsair, cursed with immortality, stands in open mutiny after rescuing his greatest treasure—the woman he’s bound to love for eternity, a Spanish siren unaware of their infinite bond

Cargo by Genevive ChambleeAn environmentalist-pirate, contracted to heist high-priced art from a merchant vessel, is deceived into stealing a human trafficking ship with a captive who exposes his dark desires

Prophesies by Augustina Van HovenFollowing a tempting lead, a space pirate hunts down an alien ship only to find the cargo is a beautiful seer whose gifts promise to satisfy more than his lust for gold

A Lady’s Bargain by Alyssa Drake A pirate captain gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to a beautiful hostage’s proposition to make her a ruined woman

Plunder by Jayce Ellis – A hardened mercenary contracted to kill the heir-apparent of an international corporation, hesitates due to his attraction, then joins with the heir to investigate who wants him dead

Commanding Neptune’s Mistress by M. MarieA pirate surrenders control to her handsome quartermaster for just one night of pleasure

My Pirate Love by Joyce Palmer Barely dressed as a chambermaid, a sexually-deprived military wife attends a costume party where she finds herself shamefully aroused by the hungry gaze of a Jack Sparrow look-alike

Captain’s Cabin by Moxie MarcusWhen the captain of a merchant ship is captured by a pirate queen, he quickly discovers she’s fully in charge of the sexy negotiations

Perinacht by Lana SloanWhen a spice merchant’s son is captured by the pirate who killed his beloved, his need for vengeance is overtaken by an unexpected desire for his captor

An Adventure for Burgess by Lizzie AshworthAs a sleek sloop noses into Seraphine Bay, a tourist resolves to discover if the man at the helm is the pirate of her dreams

Lust in Space by T.D. RudolphA roguish space criminal teams up with a fearless vamp to steal a cache of titanium—from the dark side of the moon

To Kiss a Pirate by Tricia SchneiderSearching for treasure on a lush Caribbean island, a woman disguising herself as a cabin boy is confronted by her sexy and suspicious pirate captain

Bountiful Skies by Winter BlairThe captain of an airship and her lover prepare to be boarded by a pirate who isn’t human, hoping he’ll give them mercy…and pleasure

Full Fathom Five by Rhidian Brenig JonesA pirate captain, forced to give a disgraced young surgeon a berth, discovers a rich treasure in the other man’s arm

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